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Technician and Postdoctoral positions available NOW!

We are looking for an enthusiastic person with experience in handling rodents to manage our mouse breeding colony, make solutions, perform immunohistochemistry and Western blots, and to do some electrophysiology combined with optogenetics. Prior experience with these techniques is not required. We have a friendly, happy lab with a lot of diversity in neuroscience lab experience and knowledge as well as diversity in age and culture. This diversity works well for us. Once trained, you will work independently to both manage the lab, but also on your own scientific projects. This is a novel opportunity and our lab techs have been successful using their lab experience to help them go on to medical or graduate school. We also would be very happy to find someone who wanted to stay for a longer period of time and not expecting to move on within a year or two.

Postdocs! Looking for two postdocs to work in the fields of developmental epilepsy and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Virginia Commonwealth University is a major center for both the clinical applications and study of TBI as well as basic research in this area. This field is being actively funded by the NIH as TBI is a major neurological concern for both war veterans and civilians alike. Here you will use the latest techniques, including optogenetics and combine that with electrophysiology including whole cell patch clamp. We also have a world class imaging facility that allows for calcium and voltage dependent dye imaging during electrophysiological recordings. Our epilepsy research is at an exciting point as we are testing potential treatments that support our novel hypothesis that increasing the effectiveness of one type of inhibitory interneuron leads to network excitation. Apply today to be a part of this exciting work! Send your cover letter and CV to

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